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With over two decades of award-winning content creation and storytelling, SUPER AWESOME FRIENDS builds strategic and groundbreaking integrated creative marketing. We work with brands, artists, makers, social impact and entertainment to design digital and social experiences that shift your relationship to your audience.

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We think outside the Zoom box

We translate your conferences, workshops, panels, rehearsals, special events and/or performances into beautiful virtual experiences you can share live with your audiences or potential business friends. Zippity Boom!

We do Content and Social Media

We know you're not like everyone else. With a nimble team of strategists, creative directors, designers, artists, producers, and performers, we evaluate your business objectives so that the fun can really begin. From storytelling, strategy and social listening, to copywriting, community management, video and audio content, we evaluate, adjust, make moves and make magic. Now doesn't that sound sweet?

We build your influence.

We're the pals who see things in you that you don't always see in yourself. We help ponies find their inner unicorns. Whether it's starting fresh and working with individuals to build their personal brands, or facilitating strategic partnerships between you and other companies, we've got your back for optimal opportunities and maximum potential. #Blessed

Brand Creation

Strategic Planning

Livestream Production

Video Production

Podcast & Music Production

Website & App Design


Graphic Design & Animation


Contests & Sweepstakes

Emerging Platforms

Community Management

Partnerships & Influencer Outreach

Paid Digital Advertising

Insights & Analytics

Current Friends

  • Company

  • Girl From the North Country

  • Plaza Suite

  • Disney's Winnie the Pooh

  • An Officer and a Gentleman

  • Pixar Putt

  • The Minutes

  • Oklahoma Tour

  • Miracle on 22nd Street

  • Junior Theatre Festival

  • Broadway's Best Shows

  • Black Theatre Coalition

  • Music Theatre International

  • Concord Theatricals

  • Broadway Biz Podcast

  • The Obie Awards

  • Streaming Musicals

  • The Peace Studio

New Besties

  • American Buffalo

  • Basquiat the Musical

  • SuperYou the Musical

  • Maybe Happy Ending

Old Pals

  • The Sound Inside

  • The Great Society

  • Fiddler on the Roof West End

  • The Olivier Awards with Mastercard

  • Broadway Teachers Workshop

  • Camille A Brown and Dancers

  • Shida

  • Purewrist

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